About Dapper Squares


Pocket squares are about distinguishing yourself. Setting yourself apart from the flock. Then why are all pocket squares the same old-fashioned things?

That's why we created Dapper Squares: Squares for non-Squares. You no longer have to be a 60-year-old banker (or feel like one) to be able to wear a pocket square. Also younger, more creative and individualistic souls can now let their pockets speak for them

Our pocket squares feature unique designs, specifically designed for semi-concealment in chest pockets. They are hand-made, from the best natural materials. 

Collection of pocket squares

We are a small team, situated in the energetic and inspiring centre of Amsterdam. A city that continuously reinvents itself, together with its inhabitants.

Inspirational Amsterdam

We are part of Contractswapping.com, registered at the Chamber of Commerce (number: 61527017)